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Text Box: For over 25 years UNIGARD+® lubricants have performed in some of the worlds harshest climates.  Including South America, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and the U.S. Gulf Coast.  Today UNIGARD+® and SYNTAC® 100% SYNTHETIC lubricants are available throughout the United States West, Southwest, and Southeast.
Servicing the automotive, marine, trucking, railroad, and construction industries with warehouse priced premium high additive and on spec products.  Utilizing high-tech blending, and packaging facilities in Houston, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana, to assure premium quality on spec high additive concentration products.  UNIGARD+® conventional, and SYNTAC®  100% synthetic lubricants are transported by rail, truck, or ship to our warehousing and distribution facilities. Located in  California, Flordia, Texas, Mexico, and the Panama Canal Zone—Colon, Pamana; where product is again tested to assure quality control standards.
UNIGARD+® lubricants.. here yesterday..  today..  and  tomorrow… Always working to save you money ... 


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