Text Box: All UNIGARD+® SYNTAC-XLD® premium conventional and 100% synthetic lubricants meet or exceed  ‘SL’ gasoline, and CI-4 diesel engine specifications.

SYNTAC®VEXIII® gear oils are 100% synthetic oil all season, multi-grade, heavy duty lubricants designed to meet the service demands of commercial fleet manual transmission axles,  and drive units.  With the added advantage of  improved fuel economy, extended drain capabilities, and all season use. All 80w140 gear oils are fortified with a premium rust and corrosion preventative even at sub zero temperatures.  SYNTAC®VEXIII® SAE 75w90 additive packages also include premium rust and corrosion preventative properties.

UNIGARD+®  SYNTAC-XLD®  premium  lubricants  offer  superior 
cleaning characteristics, SYNTAC® VEXIII® premium gear oils meet or exceed 
GL-5 and MT-1 recommendations.  And application specifications as set forth by the following manufactures: Eaton PS-163, PS-037, PS-109, General Electric D50E9C, Harniscfeger (P&H)  474; 0-76 E (petroil). 0-76 N (syn); MIL-PRF-2105E; Navistar TMS 6816; U.S. Steel  spec 224; AGMA standard 250-03.

UNIGARD+®SYNTAC-XLD® are 100% synthetic oil formulated to provide extra protection against the hazards of short trip driving and frequent engine starts.  These 100% synthetic oils protect against sludge build up, while providing superior high temperature

SYNTAC-XLD® 0w40, 0w50, 10w30, 10w40,  motor oils are recommended for use in autos and trucks where ‘SL’ or ISLAC GF-3 oils are specifyed. *MBZ 226, 227, 229.0/1; BMW M44 specification met.  SYNTAC® 15w40 heavy duty motor oils are formulated for use in automotive or truck applications.  Including H.D. naturally aspirated or turbo charged diesel engines requiring CI4/CH4  premium high TBN oils.

UNIGARD+® conventional and SYNTAC®
Lubricants,  manufactured and tested to meet 
API standards.


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